Our Customers
We believe that manufacturing matters. We believe that local manufacturing and the contractors and machine builders that support that manufacturing is the lifeblood of our community and our overall economy. We want to partner with local Industrial Facilities, Industrial Contractors, and System Integrators, to provide them new and innovative solutions that help them remain competitive in a global economy. Your Business and individual Departments can’t grow just buying products, you need solutions, NEW Ideas, NEW Technologies, and a distributor who can work with you from start to finish.  Let us do the work, so you can worry about growing and innovating. We are an Electrical Solutions and Product Supplier, specializing in the Industrial MRO, OEM, and Automation & Electrical Control Projects. Keathley Patterson provides support, tailored solutions, tailored inventory, innovation, and our guiding principle of service, integrity, and reliability

Our Suppliers

We think it should work both ways.

To have a successful partnership with your customers, you must first have a good partnership with your suppliers.

We pride ourselves on our supplier relations.  CED continues to have some of the best supplier partnerships in the industry.

This is how we are able to offer so many top brands, at competitive pricing, while still offering services and support that are unmatched.

We are constantly striving to improve. If you feel there is anything we could do to improve our service please contact us.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility. If you your business requires any critical parts to maintain operations, we would be happy to assist you with our local inventory. Please contact Jon Hoffman for more information. jhoffman@kpconway.com