Stuxnet and how it affects you

If you have not heard of Stuxnet by now then you are not alone. So what is Stuxnet you ask? Stuxnet has been explained as a computer virus and is most widely known for destroying several nuclear centrifuges in Iran. So how does this affect you? Unlike most other malicious computer software, Stuxnet was designed to specifically target programmable logic controllers (PLC’s). This could have potentially negative side effects for anybody who uses PLC’s in their facilities. How does it get spread? Stuxnet infects PLC’s and computers through unprotected USB ports. This makes it easy for anyone with access to a flash drive and a PLC with a USB port to come by upload the virus and walk off. However, most attacks may not be intentional. All it takes is an anyone to come by with a low battery on their phone and they plug their phone in to charge it. This then potentially makes the whole system connected to the internet. For this reason, it is especially important to have a lockout system for your PLC’s USB port, so USB devices can not just be plugged in at will, and accidental infections can be avoided. As for Stuxnet, you shouldn’t worry about it affecting your PLC’s because anti-virus software has become aware of it and the PLC’s that it affected have become patched so it can prevent Stuxnet.

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Free Safety Seminar

KP Conway is proud to announce that we will be having a Functional Safety for Machinery specialist in Conway on October 29th! Dave Rasmussen is one of the only TUV certified trainers in the United States and he will be hosting a free event at the Conway Chamber of Commerce.  The TUV is focued on functional safety for machinery and it is a new safety standard that is gaining traction worldwide. TUV is focused on keeping machinery processes safe, while understanding realities like having to troubleshoot while machines are energized.

This  training is free but seating is limited. Please RSVP to  to reserve your seat. More information on the event can be found in the flyer below.

Conway Safety Seminar Flyer

Automation Fair 2014
Automation Fair from Rockwell Automation
November 19-20, 2014
Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim, CA USA

Attend Automation Fair® – a great opportunity to explore smart, safe, sustainable manufacturing solutions geared toward improving your business profitability.

  • DISCOVER how to improve productivity and efficiency throughout the life cycle of your automation investments.
  • LEARN how flexible, scalable automation solutions can lower costs and improve overall performance.
  • EXPERIENCE how sustainable production practices can increase your competitiveness and help you better manage energy and materials costs.

Attend industry forums, user group meetings, hands-on labs, technical sessions and demonstrations to expand knowledge and use of the latest control, power and information technologies. Review technical sessions, hands-on labs and workshops from the 2013 event here.

Call 501-329-5667 for more information.

See the New PowerFlex 500 Series


  • Power ratings:
    • 100…120V: 0.4…1.1 kW / 0.5…1.5 Hp / 2.5…6 A
    • 200…240V: 0.4…15 kW / 0.5…20 Hp / 2.5…62.1 A
    • 380…480V: 0.4…22 kW / 0.5…30 Hp / 1.4…43 A
    • 525…600V: 0.4…22 kW / 0.5…30 Hp / 0.9 … 32 A
  • Modular design features an innovative, removable control core that allows simultaneous installation and configuration
  • Offers a wide range of motor control, including volts per hertz, sensorless vector control, and closed loop velocity vector control
  • Embedded EtherNet/IP™ supports seamless integration into the Logix environment and EtherNet/IP networks
  • Intuitive software helps you simplify programming
  • Supports faster drive configuration using a standard USB interface
  • Dynamic LCD human interface module (HIM) supports multiple languages and features descriptive QuickView™ scrolling text
  • Helps you reduce energy costs with Economizer mode, energy monitoring features
  • IP20 Open/NEMA, IP30 NEMA/UL Type 1 (with conduit kit), DIN rail (frames A,B and C)
  • Supports faster configuration with application-specific parameter groups in the AppView™ tool for applications such as conveyors, mixers, pumps, and fans
  • Lets you save custom configurations in the CustomView™ tool
  • Operates in high ambient temperatures as high as 50 °C (122 °F), or as high as 70 °C (158 °F) with current derating when using a control module fan kit
  • Offers compact footprint relative to its power range and Zero Stacking™ mounting with 50 mm air-flow gap

Embedded Safety Features

  • Safe Torque-Off feature is certified at PLd/SIL2 Cat 3. Removes rotational power to the motor without removing power from the drive for faster start-up after a demand on the safety system.