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Are you undecided about enrolling in a Rockwell Automation course? Not sure if the course is the right technical level for you, or if the content applies to your work? Just not sure if a course is the right one for you? The Rockwell Automation Course Selection Tool helps you answer these questions and make confident decisions about enrolling in Rockwell Automation training courses.

Typically 15 questions in length, the Course Selection Tool offers you FREE!, value-added, mini assessments used to measure your knowledge of technical topics covered in Rockwell Automation training courses. Our short course assessments will help you answer the common question, “Is this course right for me?” The results from the assessments help you determine whether you should enroll in a course or consider enrolling in another course that will better meet your skill and knowledge needs.

If you are looking for justification or confirmation that Rockwell Automation training is for you, then the Course Selection Tool is an invaluable resource to you. All course assessments are FREE! and your results are kept confidential.

To get started, select a course title from this list to begin your assessment:

Keathley Patterson Technical Resource Center

Our mission is to provide a team of industrial automation specialists that deliver superior service and support to the electrical industrial automation users in our outlined distribution territory. The TRC accomplishes this by applying team-oriented strategies and value-added services while representing Rockwell Automation and RA’s Encompass Partners, manufacturers providing leading technologies and valued solutions. In pursuing this mission, we strive to ensure that we have the highest quality of professional knowledge and skills to meet both our internal and external customers’ needs.

The following examples are just a few of the services our team provides:

  • New product and/or service introduction and demonstration
  • Proof of concept design support
  • Product application support & solution
  • On-site (or telephone) technical assistance
  • Seminars, commercial program and technical training
  • Technology migration support for legacy applications
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